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Drainage problems can be very serious. Your property can be ruined by improper or inadequate drainage. When rainwater is allowed to pool, it can drown and kill your grass. When rainwater is not correctly channeled, it seeps into foundations, causing wall deterioration and structural instability, which can be dangerous and extremely expensive to fix.


Pools of water in your yard can also be breeding spots for mosquitoes, which present a health hazard.

When drains and gutters are clogged, water can run down into basements, resulting in black mold and mildew, which present a serious health risk. Storm drains can be compromised and that can cause water to enter your grounds from the street.

What needs to be done is identify the source of the blocked drainage, determine how to correct the soil of an improperly draining yard, and devise solutions that will protect your home, office, or facility.

Factors involved in drainage systems include soggy lawns, piping, inlets, drainage structures, soil composition, grading, downspouts, drain tiles, swales, culverts, sump pumps, dry creek beds, and overflow systems.

Don’t let drainage problems overwhelm you and destroy your home or landscape. Turn to Krumholz Brothers Landscaping, Inc. for the best solution at a reasonable price, and according to your schedule.

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